A show that’s not to be missed!

There's still chance to catch this production.
There's still chance to catch this production.
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You will not be able to leave Clitheroe Parish Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society’s production of Calamity Jane without a huge grin, writes Pippa Munro Hebden.

It is such fun. It has got everything, great story, super singing and dancing and a whole load of rooting-tooting, unforgettable songs.

It is hard not to remember the iconic film starring Doris Day and Howard Keel but Rachel Dootson as Calamity and Damian Marsh as Wild Bill Hickock are equally good!

Rachael Dootson has a wonderful voice. She sings and dances all her songs with energy and charm and her rendition of Secret Love is truly memorable.

Damien March sings well and has some lovely comic touches. The other principals give great support. Laura Mitchell is delightful as Katie Brown and I admire such a good singer being able to give such a clever out of tune rendition of Keep It Under Your Hat, before singing it properly with verve.

Chris Bowers is Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, who is trapped between Katie and Calamity. The other couple, Francis Fryer (Robert Crane) who sings a hilarious version of Hive Full of Honey in drag and Susan Miller (Erica Mileham) niece of saloon owner Henry Miller (Brian Howarth) are equally lovable.

Sue Chadwick is a very sexy Adelaide Adams. However, I must give well deserved praise to the chorus. They are all terrific and their beautifully harmonised version of The Black Hills of Dakota is superb.

I must give huge credit to director Lesley Haworth and especially to Musical Director Chris Andrews and his team of lively musicians. Thanks also to Choreographer Milly Wardle. She has helped both her dance team and all the cast to give us some splendid and vibrant routines, which cannot have been easy given that the stage in the Parish Hall is not very big. The Can-Can is quite something!

The staging is impressive, turning from The Golden Garter, to The Bijou Theatre to Jane’s cabin and more.

Well done everyone for giving us a fantastic evening.

Your enthusiasm and enjoyment communicates itself to the audience who respond with equal enthusiasm and delight. I found myself still humming Windy City as I fell asleep.

Not to be missed!

Calamity Jane until Saturday, February 17th, at the St Mary’s Centre in Clitheroe.