2018/19 Premier League away trips will see Burnley FC fans drive 6,500 miles

With Premier League fans already planning away trips to the far reaches of the UK for next season, a study has revealed that Burnley supporters will cover more than 6,500 miles should they follow the Clarets to every away game.

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 4:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 12:11 pm
Clarets fans face a drive of equivalent distance to a trip to Edmonton, Canada over the course of next season's Premier League campaign.

Despite a glut of relatively short-distance away days at the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton, and Huddersfield, testing drives to the south coast, the capital, South Wales, and the North East mean that the most dedicated Burnley FC aficionados will clock up a total of 6,564 miles over the course of the season, according to research by ClassicLine Insurance.

And despite the Clarets' miles covered on the motorway amounting to the equivalent of an as-the-crow-flies trip to Atlanta in the USA or to the Caribbean island of Montserrat, Burnley face just the fourth-longest cumulative drive in the 2018/19 season, with Newcastle United (9,184), Cardiff (6,858), and Bournemouth (6,678) all faced with the prospect of more time behind the steering wheel.

“Spare a thought for Newcastle United fans," said Ian Fray, managing director at ClassicLine Insurance. "Hats off to those supporters who go to all their away matches."

On the other end of the spectrum to the Clarets and the Magpies is Watford, whose fans will travel just 4,430 miles over the Premier League campaign thanks to the glut of London clubs on their doorstep.

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