Passport crisis looks like it’s over

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I have been extremely busy with constituent appointments on a range of issues. I am relieved I have been able to assist so many constituents who have been having issues with their passports over the summer. The delays that have occurred seemed to be moving quicker and I have been keeping up the pressure on all the cases I was assisting with.

To mark the centenary of Britain declaring war on Germany, a procession started at the Riverside car park, Towneley, and I was delighted and amazed at the turnout. More than 1,500 people joined the march round Towneley triangle, which finished at the war memorial. It was very moving and an emotional way to celebrate what was an extraordinary day in Britain’s history, and something which so many families in our own town and across the country and other communities were affected by. Almost a million British people were lost in this war and it’s right that, almost 100 years on, we commemorate it, we think about it and we mark it properly.

I went to Sainsbury’s to shadow at the Deli counter. I was welcomed warmly by the staff at Sainbury’s. I was taught how to make a pizza, and hope my wife looks forward to sampling my new culinary delights!!

I had a meeting with Lancashire Care relating to the position of dementia and mental health new facilities. The new unit will be adjacent to Blackburn hospital, but separate from the hospital itself, set up to provide care for the people of East Lancashire.

I was also very disappointed to be told of the destruction of Glebe Street Community centre, which was a vital community asset, fought hard for by councillors and residents alike. It is sad we have lost something which provided so much for many constituents in our town.