Our place names make their way across the globe

The scene around Pendle Hill in New Zealand.  (S)
The scene around Pendle Hill in New Zealand. (S)
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We are all used to living in the shadow of the magnificent Pendle Hill.

But it is surprising to find that there are Pendle Hills all around the world! Some of them more than 10,000 miles away.

The shopping centre in Pendle Hill, Australia. (S)

The shopping centre in Pendle Hill, Australia. (S)

We recently revealed that in Australia there is a town slightly west of Sydney with that name Pendle Hill.

It includes a shopping area and a busy railway station with the name and next to the station is Pendle Inn! There is another lovely one here in Barley.

And when the Mayor of Pendle, Coun. Nawaz Ahmed, recently went out to Pendle’s German Twin Town of Marl in Germany, he and the Marl mayor officially launched a new public access hill there – and the Germans have named it Pendle Hill!

I have found four other Pendle Hills around the world.

There is a mountain in New Zealand called Pendle Hill near the East Coast of South Island. And a city – Nelson – is out there, too, including Nelson Golf Club.

And in Australia, there is Burnley near Melbourne which also has a golf course of the same name.

In New Zealand, Nelson is about 200 miles from Pendle Hill!

And Burnley is more like 500 miles from Australia’s Pendle Hill.

The scene of Burnley Golf Course at Burnley in the south of  Australia. (S)

The scene of Burnley Golf Course at Burnley in the south of Australia. (S)

There are quite a few Pendle Hill roads around the world, too. For instance, there is Pendle Hill Avenue at Pendleton in Indiana, USA. And a street is called Pendle Hill Court and that is by Toronto, Canada. And near Toronto there is a small town called Burnley.

In Newberg, Oregon, USA, is North East Pendle Hill Road and there is Pendle Road in South Bend, Indianapolis.

Berkeley Springs in West Virginia has two streets with our name – Pendle Drive and Pendle Court.

In Canada, there doesn’t seem to be a hill called Pendle – but there is Mount Clitheroe – quite a way from Vancouver and also another town called Nelson.

And four US States have towns called Pendleton - Indiana, Oregon, South Carolina and New York.

You can find Colne Street in Kuraby near Brisbane in Australia; St Paul’s, USA; and Oamaru, New Zealand.

Back in the USA and in Virginia, there are two very long roads – Burnley Road and Burnley Station Road.

And there is a building called Pendle Hill Station at Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, but it isn’t a railway station, it’s a farmstead just off Pendle Hill Road. And on the North Island there is a Pendle Hill lane which is a big route.

Back in 1652, George Fox climbed Pendle Hill and had a vision which led to him founding the Quakers’ Religious Society of Friends. Quakers ended up around the world and because of his initial vision they have named things like schools and colleges as Pendle Hill. There is a college called Pendle Hill Quaker Center at Wallingford, Pennsylvania State, USA.

And in Australia there are two schools with the name. There is Pendle Hill High School in Pendle Hill. And nearby there is Pendle Hill Public School, which is on Pendle Way at Wentworthville.

My son Josh (25) lives in Australia where he is deputy superintendent at a golf club. So it was absolutely wonderful for my wife Diane and I to go out there and meet Josh and his girlfriend Victoria – but it was also a pleasure to visit Pendle Hill too!

It is interesting that the name has come from different languages. Back in the 13th Century it was known as “Pennul” or “Penhul”, which seems to include the Cumbric “pen” and Old English “hyll”, which both mean hill. Then the modern English word “hill” was added and it became “Pendle Hill”.

If you have come across any Pendles or other local names on your travels, why not drop me a line with a few details. You can email me at peter.dewhurst@jpress.co.uk