Newly wed Padiham mum's moving and funny account of the songs that chart major events in her life

Newly wed Sam Graham loves to write.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 12:30 pm
Padiham newly wed Sam Graham has written about the songs that have special meaning to her

And, after she fractured her foot when she fell at her wedding reception, she has been laid up with plenty of time on her hands to indulge her hobby.

Inspired by Burnley Express reporter Sue Plunkett's column about the music and songs that have special meaning to her, the Padiham mum has written her own piece, that is both moving and funny, about the songs that have special significance to her.

"Reflecting on my life and all that has happened to me a song popped into my head as I thought of my dear mum who died last year.

Sam with her beloved mum Sylvia Sturdy who died last year

The song was Dolly Parton's and it was Coat Of Many Colours. This was because whilst my three brothers and I were young my mum had a lot of time on her hands so she decided to take up knitting,

Along with colourful jumpers she made me a beautiful cardigan and the colours were lemon, pale green and pastel

blue. The buttons looked like crystals, but the problem was the holes for the buttons were so big I couldn’t fasten it up. But, my goodness, I didn’t care.

I felt this urge of love when I wore it and I wore it every day. My friends were laughing because of the button holes but I just told them to shut up as I didn’t care.

Another song that came to me was Boyzone's Love Me For A Reason, as I pushed my son Luke into the world.

I looked at him as if to say 'What the hell just happened?' My maternal instincts didn’t kick in at first and I suffered with postnatal depression, but as I looked at my son ,I thought this is no one’s fault it’s just a shock to the system.

I flushed my tablets and I fought tooth and nail to prove I had fight inside me and my mothering instincts finally kicked in. I now understood why that song played.

Love Me For A Reason, the reason was he was he was all mine, he was the glue to keep me together.

When my ex husband and I split up after three years I thought 'Yes I am finally free of being manipulated' as I drove away from dropping him off at his parents house.

The song Must Have Been Love by Roxette played on the radio and I belted it out as I turned the volume up

I sang my heart out as tears rolled down my cheeks but then I thought these tears are not for him they are for the fact I’m free as a bird, I can do what I want, when I want and the only other person I had to think about was my son. We were finally free to enjoy ourselves.

When my friend said 'you need a man' I told her I had everything I needed with my munchkin Luke and good friends.

But she persuaded me to get get back on the saddle and I found my self texting Dave who would eventually become my husband.

I felt giddy and excited every time my phone pinged, I had the butterfly feeling inside my tummy and the song We Go Together from the musical Grease is perfect for us. We have now been together for six years and are now happily married."