Wind turbines do not benefit the community

I ask all councillors in Pendle: “What do you mean when you say wind turbines have got to have some community benefit?” when clearly there is no local employment, there are no local business rates, they are not competitive nor rely on subsidy and are under an illusion called “Green Energy”.

Thursday, 13th February 2014, 6:00 am
New wind turbines at Coal Clough off Bacup Road, Todmorden.

It distorts our energy bills and infringes on competition law therefore clearly not in the interest nor the benefit of the local community.

I invite Jon Roche to provide evidence that supports his statement on Friday, January 17th, in regard to the same, which is clearly misleading.

It appears to date there is no evidence of local employment and no supporting method statement in regard to the same. No evidence to support his verbal guarantee of local energy security and specifically the said 50kw wind turbines all combined simply could not match the total kw on Pendle used on a daily basis and further. 50kw can only be achieved if the wind is at the right pressure and speed 24/7.

Therefore, it is fair and reasonable to ask Mr Roche: “How do all the combined wind turbines compete to the benefit of the local residence, and where is your valid guarantee? And what firm has underwritten this illusion?”

No evidence of business rates, which would be clearly a benefit to the community and no evidence of scare-mongering and being unreasonable from the community, which appears to be implied by Mr Roche.

Any potential appeal is a matter for Mr Roche and costs will be engineered by lawyers. However, our local council lawyers will be fully aware of alternative routes to costing and our local councillors should not be drawn into this veiled threat, for if a decision has been made democratically it is clearly lawful and binding and would be subject to case law.

The local residents await for a fulsome and valid response to the points raised, from our councillor and Mr Roche, to quantify the alleged benefits/interest of the local community/residents.

Chris Taylor

Trawden Parish Councillor