POEM: Nightlife in Burnley

Drizzle falls in denier sheets

Thursday, 26th February 2015, 10:45 am
living it up on the dance floor

On the bubblegum bruised street

Mummies pull in Pharoahs Bar

Teens pop out of Walkabout

In heels and wonder bras

Tottering on swollen feet

Trollied tribes of lads they greet

Full of spliff and coke and whizz

Round the pre club bars they fizz

Foaming mouthed fit as fleas

But as shots are downed,

Buckle in Bees Knees

Midnight belches, screams and chatter

Mingle with bahjis, booze and batter

Then as the lightweights stumble home

Swarms of clubbers start to roam

Forming queues around the block

In clouds of Klein and Aftershock

At two am a kind of truce

But inside the clubs

All hell let loose

Then looking for love or a fight

They spew out of Lava/Ignite

Then the empire strikes back

Launching future heart attacks

With burgers, and kebabs

In Bibis, Istanbul and Flames Grill

The final stragglers have their fill

Then commandeered cabs are crammed

A scene played out across the land

No surrender just disordered retreat

Another frantic Saturday

On Hammerton Street

Nick Verity

Bridge Street