Keep the faith, live the dream

Back in September, some of you may remember, I had what might be described as a bit of a pop at the Rascals down the Road following the drawn game at Turf Moor.

Wednesday, 26th March 2014, 7:00 am
Burnley fans celebrate the final whistle at Ewood Park

One of those afore-mentioned Rascals clearly had the article read out to him and didn’t like it.

In fact he disliked it so much he rang up my friend and colleague Chris Boden and heaped vitriol into his ears for a few minutes, blaming Chris for every word I had written!

The gist of his complaint was, clearly, jealousy.

Even at that stage in the season it was clear that we – the Clarets that is – were taking people by surprise and that Blackburn had one good player and not a lot else to get excited about.

Endeavouring to have the last laugh, the irrate caller signed off to Chris by saying something along the lines of “enjoy it while it lasts, you are going to fall down the table so fast you’ll need a parachute”.

Not being one to gloat, all I can now say to that parting shot is: “Ha, Ha and Ha again!”.

In the aftermath of the recent derby day win another friend and colleague, Dan Black, penned a wonderful article that we had all waited too long to read – especially Dan himself who was not even alive last time Burnley got one over on Rovers.

You can find that article easily enough on our website and if you missed it, please have a look. No matter how bad your day is, it will just get better!

I, on the other hand, have had a couple of extra weeks to think about things.

But all I really want to do is sit at home and watch Jason Shackell make the most of Paul Robinson’s juggling and Danny Ings smash the ball home.

Sweet, sweet moments for anyone with Claret and Blue Blood coursing through their veins.

Now it doesn’t matter how long we had to wait for that win.

That is the joy of sport and the joy of all the bragging rights associated with sport.

The last result is all that matters.

And whoever hired the plane with the banner: “35 years. Who cares? 20 points. Venkys 4 ever” might have jumped the gun, but in doing so hit the nail squarely on the head.

Now that the frustration on one half of the derby divide is over, perhaps we can return to some sort of football normality at this particular end of East Lancashire.

After all, we might now go on a three decade run without losing to that other lot.

That one win earlier in the month will certainly be worth at least two years of gloating as there won’t be any derbies between the two next season unless one of the cup competitions presents us with the chance for another win.

Enjoying yourself in sport is all about making hay while the sun shines.

As Dan Black wrote two weeks ago, it’s all about the here and it’s all about the now.

Thirty-five years, who cares?

Promotion fever really has started to grip town and it is not inconceivable that the Clarets, with one foot already there, could be in the Premier League by Easter.

Keep the faith, live the dream and Up The Clarets!