Does National Anthem hit right note?

I am not going to bore you with my views on the current FIFA World Cup this morning ... people who know, or at least think they know, a lot more about football than I do have already been doing that for at least the last two weeks.

Friday, 4th July 2014, 7:00 am
Host nation: Brazil players belt out their national anthem

But one thing that has struck me once again is just how much I really do not like our national anthem.

This is no side-swipe at the monarchy.

Anyone who knows me will know that I firmly believe in our constitutional monarchy and all the history that goes with it.

But the national anthem sounds more like a funeral dirge than an inspiring and uplifting tune to send our sporting heroes out on to the field of play with fire in their bellies.

I know that the current national anthem has been in use for around four centuries.

And I am sure that it has, at many times, been inspirational.

But today I am not talking about rallying calls to men at arms or songful prayers to save the monarch from assassination.

I am merely talking about the song played before England teams in a variety of sports go out in an attempt to fulfil our sporting dreams.

As a keen follower of Formula One, I actually quite enjoy a Ferrari win as it means we will hear the Italian national anthem.

It is an uplifting tune that everyone not only can, but appears to want to, bellow out at the top of their voices.

I love watching the Six Nations. Every team other than England clears their lungs to rip out their national anthem (or chosen song in some cases) and the Irish get two bites of the cherry!

I rarely feel sorry for people who have lived their sporting dreams and finally make it to the international stage.

But when someone finally gets Three Lions on Their Shirt and has to then sing “God Save the Queen” I certainly do.

Not for a moment do I wish the Queen any harm.

Nor any of their family.

But I really do hope that the ruling bodies of some of our national sports find England a new pre-match anthem. After all, God Save the Queen is the UK national anthem, not just England’s.