Ombudsman reports on Ribble Valley Borough Council

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THE Local Government Ombudsman – the body responsible for investigating complaints about councils – has given Ribble Valley Borough Council a clean bill of health in its annual review.

In her Annual Review Letter to the council’s Chief Executive Marshal Scott, ombudsman Anne Seex writes: “I am pleased to say I have no concerns about your authority’s response times and there are no issues arising from the complaints I want to bring to your attention.”

The statistics included with the letter and covering the year ending on March 31st 2012 show there were just six complaints to the ombudsman about Ribble Valley Borough Council, five relating to planning and development matters and one to housing.

In two cases there was not enough evidence of fault to proceed with an investigation and in the remaining four cases the investigative team found there was no injustice. There were also no concerns with the length of time taken by the council to respond to complaints.

The ombudsman commented: “Our annual reviews provide all councils with statistics about the complaints we have dealt with during the year.

“If there are any significant issues arising from particular complaints we mention them in the annual review. We hope the information contributes to public accountability and raising awareness of the importance of taking citizens’ complaints seriously.”