UFO spotted in skies over Nelson

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IF aliens were to land on planet Earth, Nelson might not seem the most obvious of places for them to visit but according to newly released Ministry of Defence files, something strange has been hovering above our town.

A “chewy mint” shaped UFO was spotted from Railway Street in 2004 by one sky gazer who reported the unidentified flying object to Manchester Air Traffic Control.

The Nelson resident - who has had his identity protected by Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act, claimed he saw the “solid craft” as he was driving up Railway Street on the morning of May 20th at around 11-15 a.m.

It was a blue-skied day with cumulus clouds when the object revealed itself and made a zig-zagging “Z” shaped movement to the east of the eye of the beholder before disappearing into the clouds.

The report describes it as being white in colour, with no windows, wings or tail fin, and was said to have remained in view for around three to four minutes.

Around 20 minutes later the observer then called Manchester ATC who made contact with the MOD.

The sighting unfortunately did not heed any other witnesses but it was noted that the caller had taken a picture on a mobile phone but was not available for comment.

More than 8,500 pages of documents relating to UFO discussions, sightings and reports have been released.

The documents have been made public by the National Archives because the MOD has been receiving more Freedom of Information Acts requests on UFO’s.

The National Archives files are available to download for free for a month from the website: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos