Softer landing for Pendle Ski Club skiers

Contractors and members of Pendle Ski Club replacing the old ski surface.'Photo Ben Parsons
Contractors and members of Pendle Ski Club replacing the old ski surface.'Photo Ben Parsons

Novice skiers are in for some softer landings after a new “bottom-friendly” surface was installed at Pendle Ski Club.

Volunteers from the club mucked in with contractors to help tear up the old surface from the nursery slope and replace it with Permasnow, a tufted artificial surface claimed to be the nearest thing to real snow. Unlike real snow, it is green to blend in.

The new surface, about 50 metres long and 15 wide, is cushioned underneath and less painful for skiers who fall on it.

Nigel Wight, a member for 25 years, said: “We’re not replacing all the surface, just the beginner’s slope. It’s a much improved replacement for the original material that’s been down for eight years.

“It’s a safer and easier surface, much more forgiving if you fall on it. It’s not as abrasive.”

The club, next to the Wellsprings on the Clitheroe-Sabden road, has nearly 800 members, many of them juniors, and is entirely run by volunteers.

It is paying more than £50,000 for the new skiing surface.

The Permasnow is installed by specialist company Techmat 2000 Ltd, of Newport, Gwent, who produce the material on tufting machinery specially designed and manufactured by international exporters Danley Engineering, of Heys Lane, Great Harwood.

Eddie Pearson, Techmat 2000 business development manager, said: “It’s been a pleasure working here on Pendle Hill.

“The weather has been good to us and the views across the Ribble Valley are spectacular.

“We’re laying about 800 square metres of Permasnow on the nursery slope. There’s a cushion system under it, and it’s soft to fall on, which makes it ideal for children and beginners.

“It’s the nearest thing to real snow you can get from an artificial surface.”

The ski club is busiest at weekends and evenings, but also arranges for school and group parties on weekdays. The nursery slope is also used for children’ snowtubing parties.

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