Drunk dad in ‘Shameless’ style stand-off

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A DRUNKEN dad threatened police in a Shameless-style stand-off and shouted that he would put a machete in an officer’s head, a court heard.

Mark Tomlinson (26) had locked himself in the house and was hanging out of a bedroom window, as he shouted: “Come in here and you will get it.”

By then, he was being watched by a gathering crowd, including children, during the trouble in Hudson Street, Burnley.

At the time he was awaiting sentence for an almost identical incident, and yelled to the police: “It took six of you last time.

“If you come through the door I will get my tools and get you.” He then hurled a vase at them.

He only agreed to come out after police threatened to use a Taser gun.

Mr David Leach (defending) told Burnley magistrates: “It’s the kind of thing you see on the television programme ‘Shameless’.

“He was hanging out of the window and the whole neighbourhood came out to watch.”

Tomlinson, of Arran Street, Burnley, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, on June 25th, and failing to surrender to bail.

Two days later, he appeared in court to be sentenced for the earlier offence and was given a suspended jail term, providing he complied with an anger management programme.

He was given a six-week curfew and was told he must stay indoors between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. from Sunday to Friday, and pay £85 costs.

Mr Leach said Tomlinson had gone to see his children and he and his girlfriend had rowed. He did not intend to carry out the threats.

The solicitor added: “It was just hot air. He accepts he was intoxicated and as soon as the police got serious and mentioned the Taser, he sobered up pretty quickly.”

Mr Leach said Tomlinson realised he had issues with anger management, especially when he was confronted about issues close to him.

“It’s exacerbated when he has a drink,” he said.