Celebrate Civil War Sunday at Clitheroe Castle

Civil War re-enactors at Clitheroe Castle
Civil War re-enactors at Clitheroe Castle
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Garrisoned by the Royalists in 1643 and slighted by the Parliamentarians in 1649, now Clitheroe Castle is offering people the chance to experience first-hand pike and musket drills, 17th century code breaking and artefacts from the Battle of Preston.

Civil War Sunday, on July 14th, will give you an authentic experience of what it was like to be involved in the conflict between the Roundheads and Cavaliers.

The 90-minute sessions start at 11am and finish at4 pm. They will be held in the castle’s education suite and creative play area. Sessions must be booked in advance

Rachel Jackson, Lancashire County Council museum manager at Clitheroe Castle, said: “The Civil War is a hugely interesting and exciting period of English history. Initially held by the Royalists, Clitheroe Castle was abandoned after the Battle of Whalley in April 1643. In early 1644, Prince Rupert had Clitheroe garrisoned again, but after the Battle of Marston Moor on the July 2nd the Royalists were defeated.

“Lancashire and the North of England was firmly controlled by the Parliamentarians led by Oliver Cromwell. The Parliamentarians had control of Clitheroe Castle for five years but, anticipating the return of the Royalists they slighted the castle, destroying its fortifications.

“We very much hope these sessions will bring the Civil War to life for visitors as they will get the opportunity to take on the role of Roundhead and Cavalier.

“Unfortunately, these sessions aren’t suitable for children under-8 as full size replica armour is used.”

The first session gets under way at 11am, the second at 12-45pm and the final session at 2-30pm. To book a place, phone the museum on 01200 424568 or email ClitheroeCastleMuseum@lancashire.gov.uk

More information on the castle is available online at www.lancashire.gov.uk/museums