‘Breakfast of Bethlehem’ staged in Clitheroe

Breakfast at Bethlehem
Breakfast at Bethlehem
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At Christmas, no-one gives much thought to the poor old inn keeper, usually one of the minor players in the nativity play.

Despite working his fingers to the bone to accommodate all the crowds for the Roman census, his part in Christmas plays is usually relegated to a single line, “No room!”

All that was put right at the recent “Breakfast at Bethlehem” event at Clitheroe Community Church.

Now in its second year, the family event offered the opportunity to “meet the inn keeper” and hear the traditional Christmas story from his point of view.

Visitors could also peek into his stable round the back of the inn, where a very special baby was born.

Minister Mark Woodward, commented: “Several people told us that in the hustle and bustle of the modern festive season, they really appreciated
the opportunity to hear the original Christmas story.”

Around 120 people called in over the morning and also enjoyed craft activities, Christmas games, glitter tattoos and face-painting. Breakfast was served to refresh the weary Christmas travellers.

Visitors are also welcome at “Christmas Unwrapped” – an all-age celebration of Christmas with multimedia, carols and presentations, followed by a light buffet tea, on Sunday, December 22nd, at 4 pm in the King’s Centre, Millthorne Avenue, Clitheroe.

Phone 01200 444148 or visit www.clitheroecommunitychurch.co.uk for more