ANIMALS: Horses on weighing scales at Langho livery yard

Snodworth Livery Yard's slimmer of the year 2012
Snodworth Livery Yard's slimmer of the year 2012
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FOUR-LEGGED friends live the good life at Langho’s Snodworth Livery Yard, but too much of a good thing can lead to hefty horses and portly ponies!

That’s why the yard keeps a close eye on the girth of its residents, with a programme of twice-yearly weight checks in place for its horses. Every six months TopSpec Equine Feeds weigh the horses using special scales designed for horses.

After coming in from their summer grazing, the horses have just had their latest weigh-in and Snodworth’s “Slimmer of the Year” is Sylvia, a svelte piebald mare weighing in at... well, that would be telling!

Corrie Green, Animal Feeds Nutrionist from TopSpec, said: “We’ve been running this programme with Snodworth Livery Yard for three years and most of the horses here have been weighed on a regular basis.

“Management of your horse’s weight is essential, as overweight horses can develop problems. As well as weighing the horses we look at muscle tone and review the feed quantities and exercise regime with the owner. Target weights are agreed where necessary and these will be reviewed at the next weigh-in.”

Christine Boardman, proprietor of Snodworth Livery Yard, said: “Top-Spec provide a really valuable service and we are grateful to Corrie Green, who does a great job for us. Keeping check on weight is a vital part of horse care and we couldn‘t do this without the help of Top-Spec.”