Non-stop bidding at Clitheroe Auction Mart fowl auction

Richard Lancaster of Wiswell with Old English Game bantam, now christened 'Freckle'
Richard Lancaster of Wiswell with Old English Game bantam, now christened 'Freckle'

bidding was fast and furious as more than 500 cages went forward at Clitheroe Auction Mart’s catalogue sale of Pure Bred Poultry and Waterfowl.

Once again it provided hundreds of buyers with a choice of the most varied and interesting breeds, varieties and colours of poultry and waterfowl to be found anywhere in the North of England. The sale was booked up weeks in advance and started with hatching eggs at 10-30 a.m. followed by coops, runs, feeders and drinkers and then the main event – the poultry.

The bidding was non-stop for the next four hours. Auctioneer Joe Swift reported: “The sale was a huge success, with a lot of prices well above the average and credit must go to the breeders for producing such a high standard and quality of birds.”

Noteworthy prices were: two Black Transylvanian Naked Neck pullets which sold for £118; a pair of Oxford ginger game birds for £110; three salmon Faverolle pullets for £100; three Lavender Araucana pullets for £98; a trio of French Copper Blue marans for £92; two Blue Laced Wyandotte pullets for £74; and a pair of Frizzled Silver Laced Polands for £70.

In the waterfowl section, £100 was achieved for a breeding pair of African geese, a pair of Apricot call ducks sold for £60 and a pair of White Pekins for £95.

The next poultry catalogue sale takes place on Saturday, April 2nd, and there is a “fur and feather” sale at Clitheroe Auction Mart every Wednesday, at 5-30 p.m.