No money to improve safety at ‘danger’ junction

The campaign continues for a pedestrian crossing in Gisburn
The campaign continues for a pedestrian crossing in Gisburn
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A parish councillor has slammed Lancashire County Council over its refusal to provide a pedestrian crossing in a busy Valley village

Mr David Waters said it was “absolute nonsense” for highway officials to suggest they did not have funds to provide a crossing on the A59 through Gisburn, where thousands of vehicles pass through.

Mr Waters was responding to a letter from head of highways, Mr Phil Durnell, who notes the strength of feeling in Gisburn.

He said: “The maximum cost of an intelligent light-controlled crossing is around £70,000. The county council will get an additional £45,000 in council tax every year as a result of the new housing developments in Gisburn. Where is all this money going? People in Gisburn are paying more than their fair share in council tax and what are they getting in return? People have a right to know and we want some answers. Does someone have to die on this road before the county council will act?”

Mr Waters vowed to continue campaigning and has invited County Coun. Albert Atkinson to the next parish council meeting.

A county council spokesman said: “We prioritise our budget for safety improvements where there is record of incidents resulting in injury. Currently the A59 in Gisburn has a good safety record with no recorded collisions involving pedestrians.”