New recuits needed to join Clitheroe fire-fighters

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NEW recruits can join Clitheroe’s team of firefighters - but first they have to pass a fitness test.

There are three vacancies for retained firefighters, who get a regular monthly wage for their duties based on how many hours they are available for call-outs.

Although Clitheroe fire station is unmanned and staffed entirely by part-timers, they can turn out a fire engine within three-and-a-half minutes of receiving an emergency call.

“Our team has tremendous dedication and commitment,” said Dave McGrath, watch manager, whose day job is as a process operator at Johnson Matthey.

“When we’re called out, we never know what to expect, whether it’s a minor incident for a few minutes or something major for two or three days.

“That’s the excitement of the job. It’s unpredictable but rewarding.”

Anyone over 18, male or female, can apply if they are can be on standby for at least 60 hours a week and live and work within five minutes of the fire station in Princess Avenue.

“Usually we get on with life as normal, but when your bleeper goes you have to drop everything and make your way to the fire station.”

Anyone interested can find out more by turning up at training night on the next two Mondays at the fire station from 6-30 to 9 p.m.

The fitness test involves eight ‘shuttle’ runs of 20 metres and back, each within a set time that gets shorter.

“The idea is not to do the first runs too quickly but to pace yourself,” said Dave, “I’m 47 and I can still get a good score on the test.”