New officers welcomed to Valley’s Labour branch

The elected new members
The elected new members
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The Ribble Valley branch of the Labour Party has elected its new officers and is looking forward to increased campaigning in the borough.

Looking back on a successful year, outgoing chairman, Ron Corbin praised the efforts of members who campaigned hard in the County Council and General Elections. “Not only did we increase our share of the General Election vote to 18,720, up by almost 7,000 votes on 2015, but we also ran energetic and enthusiastic campaigns in the county council elections where we also increased our vote,” he said.

New chairman, Giles Bridge, thanked Ron for his two years in office: “We want to build on the work done over the last two years and the branch officers and members are currently planning new events as well as increasing our visibility in the borough and taking part in more active campaigning.”

The new officers are chairman, Giles Bridge; secretary, Lee Jameson; treasurer, Ian Metcalfe; women’s officer, Sue Riley; political education officer, Maria Gee; membership secretary, Karl Barnsley; disabilities officer, Ron Corbin; Trade Union Liaison, Ron Corbin and publicity officer, Anne Taylor.