New Gisburn street signs slammed as ‘waste of money’

David Waters
David Waters

A road safety campaigner has criticised Lancashire County Council over the cost of new direction signs on the A59 outside Gisburn.

Local resident, David Waters, has been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing on the busy A59 in Gisburn, for 18 months.

He recently noticed two large direction signs had been erected on the A59 between Gisburn and Chatburn.

He claims thousands of cars pass through the village’s main road every day and that there is a real danger for pedestrians being killed or injured.

However, County officials insist the A59 in Gisburn has a “good safety record” with no recorded collisions involving pedestrians.

David said: “The campaign for a crossing in the village has wide support and even highways officers have agreed it would be beneficial for people. I had a meeting with County Councillors Albert Atkinson and Keith Iddon last year about the need for a crossing and although they were sympathetic, they told me funding was the main issue and Gisburn was not a priority.”

David added: “I understand that because of Government cuts money is tight, but the County Council has just spent thousands putting up two large direction signs on the A59 just outside the village. No-one asked for these signs and the consensus is that they are a waste of money.

“Whilst money can be found for so-called improvements for motorists, pedestrians, the most vulnerable of all road users, are a low priority.

“The County Council should act before someone is killed or injured, not wait for that to happen before it does anything.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have recently carried out work designed to improve safety on the A59 between Chatburn and Gisburn. This included making improvements to road markings to discourage speeding, and replacement of roadside features such as signs with models designed to be safer in case of an impact. We prioritise our budget for safety improvements where there is record of incidents resulting in injury. Currently, the A59 in Gisburn has a good safety record with no recorded collisions involving pedestrians.”