New app to warn drivers and save lives

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A man from Clitheroe is hoping to save lives after developing a road safety app.

Henry Blackhouse (25) is the creator of a mobile app called Ride and Seek, a real-time GPS early warning app, which he has been working on for two years.

“I hope it will one day help reduce the number of accidents on the roads,” said Henry, who works for Jaguar/Landrover in Liverpool.

“It’s designed to alert car drivers when they are approaching ‘at risk’ road users such as cyclists, runners, motorcyclists and horse riders before they can be seen.

“It’s a real-time hazard awareness mobile app, built with vulnerable road users in mind. It seeks to give you warning about what lies around that next blind bend. With one tap you will be warned as soon as a nearby user is detected.

“There are no other apps like this on the market, it can be used in towns and cities as well as the countryside.

“I grew up on a farm, Clough Bottom Farm in Bashall Eaves, and I initially developed it with the aim of reducing the number of road accidents involving horses and riders and have since added the other users.

“Last year there were 66 road accidents per day in the UK - five of which are fatal - and there is a need to take extra action. What’s more, accidents involving horses go un-recorded.”

The app is free and available to download on both Google and Apple stores.

“It has taken over 18 months to develop and a lot of field testing, I have run and cycled around the Clitheroe 10k course many times testing it,” added former Dunsop Bridge and QEGS student Henry.

“Anyone that drives a car can use it and benefit from the alerts ‘Ride and Seek ‘can give you.

“It is very much a chicken and egg app and one user cannot benefit from it without the input of others. It will work in towns and cities and the app uses an algorithm to make sure only relevant alerts are voiced.”

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