Need advice? Note CAB Clitheroe office new number

Citizens Advice Bureau, Clitheroe
Citizens Advice Bureau, Clitheroe

The advice line number at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in Clitheroe has changed to 0300 330 1182.

The move is designed to enable people in crisis to get through to someone when the Clitheroe office is closed.

Manager, Katy Marshall, explains: “It’s the same cost, that is the cost of making a local phone call. It’s still just for local people (living or working in Ribble Valley), but as a local citizens advice office, we wish for our phone to be answered by other citizens adviceline staff when the Clitheroe office is closed on a Wednesday. So, we hope the change will only work for the better. And our local number is on the voicemail you hear when you phone, so you can always opt to contact us directly. We will keep our local administration line as 01200 427336.”

Katy added: “Our work continues to be exclusively dedicated to the Ribble Valley community. We are staffed by a team of local people, mostly unpaid who provide their valuable time as trained volunteers. We are continuing to provide the same support as ever, open 10am to 4pm for phone and face-to-face meetings.

“The way we work is to offer immediate information and support or see if an appointment would work best. We can often give an appointment the next day, certainly within the week. We hope people won’t be put off by the longer message when you call the new number. We are just the same friendly, local team of people if you hold on and get through to us. Many people dislike call centres, that is not what we are here. We continue to run a professional, reliable legal advice service from our small office in Clitheroe.”