‘Near miss’ sparks fears over road safety

Coun. Ged Mirfin is lucky to be alive
Coun. Ged Mirfin is lucky to be alive
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A Ribble Valley councillor who was almost hit by a white van while waiting on a zebra crossing claims he “escaped carnage by inches”.

Coun. Ged Mirfin is calling for a pelican crossing and more speed cameras in Whalley Road in a bid to urge motorists to take more care on rural roads.
He is also thanking two good samaritans who came to his aid after the “frightening” experience left him in floods of tears.
Coun. Mirfin was walking to catch the train in Billington when he was subject to what police describe as a “near miss” by a white van being driven erratically.
The father-of-three said the incident took him back to 2014 when he broke his leg in two places and suffered a serious head injury after being hit by a car on the same road as he walked his son to school.
Recalling his most recent ordeal, he said: “The van missed me by just inches. The driver could have killed or seriously injured me, maiming me in the process and causing carnage. This wasn’t just poor driving, it was intentional behaviour by someone, who, for whatever reason, was not in full control of either their faculties or their vehicle.”
“What happened is very vivid in my mind because of the fact that I was knocked over and seriously injured on Whalley Road at the end of 2014 when my life was saved by the air ambulance who airlifted me to hospital.”
He added: “I would like to thank the two lady drivers who seeing what had happened stopped and asked me whether I was alright? I would like to see the zebra crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing with traffic lights to slow the traffic. I don’t want to have to go through such a frightening experience again.”