MP voices support for grammar school plans

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has voiced his support for the idea of the expansion of grammar schools.

The debate around the expansion of grammar schools has returned to the forefront of politics since Theresa May became the Prime Minister, fuelled again recently after a civil servant was caught on camera with plans describing their expansion.

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Evans said: “I firmly believe that the expansion of grammar schools will provide a positive boost to the education sector, giving an opportunity for those who are more academically minded to get a more academic education, regardless of their family background.

“However, while some people are not as academically minded, this does not mean that they are any less intelligent or able.

“If the plans for grammar expansions go ahead, it should be of critical importance to build and strengthen more practical educational routes as well, to ensure that whatever your academic ability, no one gets left behind.”

The MP added: “We are blessed in the Ribble Valley to have Clitheroe Royal Grammar School which consistently performs outstandingly.

“Equally, we are incredibly advantaged by having access to Ribblesdale, Bowland, St Augustine’s, St Cecilia’s and Longridge High Schools. Our area has a wealth of fantastic schools for which we should be thankful.

“It is, therefore, necessary that investment is made in all education so that nobody is left behind.

“We must learn from the mistakes of the past; support must be given to all types of academic study, as well as vocational courses.”

Mr Evans, who has welcomed Theresa May’s pragmatic view of grammar schools, understands this is an emotive issue and should be handled with care. However, he has complete faith that Mrs May will make the right call.