MP calls in ‘referee’ over village pub’s car park rumpus

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A row over a village car park has been taken to a cra parking “referee” by Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans.

He has asked Harry Greenslade, the Lead Adjudicator at POPLA – the independent resolution body for parking on private lands – outlining his concerns over the behaviour of car park operators in the Ribble Valley.

Mr Evans was called in by councillors at Whalley, who complained about charges and fines imposed by the operators of the private Whalley Arms car park.

He told Mr Greenslade: “I have been contacted by a large number of my constituents with reference to this particular car park and I am firmly of the belief that the lack of flexibility of the operator is doing real damage to businesses in the area.

“Not only are people not afforded the new ten-minute grace period available in local authority run car parks, they are also being hit by outrageously large fines for very minor infringements on a car park used by many elderly residents to visit the local GP service and health centre.”

Mr Evans added: “I recently led a debate in Parliament on car parking on private land and it is an issue I intend to campaign on during this Parliament until a more sensible system of regulation is reached.

“The public cannot be held to ransom by car park operators whose only aim is to clobber the motorist with exorbitant fines for the smallest infringement and I hope that POPLA will take serious action on this issue.”