Mountain team come to aid of Clitheroe runner

Mountain rescue drama
Mountain rescue drama
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MOUNTAIN rescuers came to aid of a 47-year-old Clitheroe man who injured himself while running.

While marshalling the Fiensdale Fell Race, three men from the Fast Action Response Team rescued the runner, who sustained lower right leg injuries while descending towards one of the check points on the Bleasdale Fells, north of Chipping.

The Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescuers splinted his leg and administered pain relief. After strapping him into a stretcher, the injured man went in a Land Rover and was then transferred towards a waiting ambulance.

He was taken to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment.

A spokesman for the rescuers said: “The annual event was this year run in good weather conditions by more than 60 runners from across the North West and therefore there were not a lot of problems.

“There was only one injury and fortunately we were able to attend to this.”