Miracle baby Sonny is one in a million

A brave mum, who was told her chances of having another child were one in a milllion, has stunned the medical world by giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Thursday, 24th November 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:27 am
Newborn baby Sonny Scholes with mum and dad Kris and Mel and his big brothers Reece and Riley.

Tiny Sonny Scholes is a real life little miracle as doctors had warned his mum Mel Moon her chances of conceiving another baby were virtually impossible after she was diagnosed with a rare and life limiting condition known as polyglandular failure.

So when she discovered she was expecting, Mel and her partner, Kris Scholes were thrilled, delighted and in total shock.

Kris said: "Mel had wanted another baby so to be told her chances of conceiving naturally were virtually nil, about a one in a million chance, it was a crushing blow.

Mel Moon with her surprise little miracle baby Sonny

"So you can imagine our shock when she found out she was expecting.

"We were gobsmacked."

Little did the couple, who live in the Pike Hill area of Burnley with their two older sons Reece (11) and six-year-old Riley, realise that the drama was only just beginning for their new little bundle of joy decided to make his entry into the world eight weeks early.

Mel's waters broke and she was rushed into Burnley General Hospital where Sonny made his dramatic entrance into the world by Caesarian section at 32 weeks on Thursday, October 27th, weighing in at a healthy 5lbs 3oz,

Mel Moon with her surprise little miracle baby Sonny

Kris said: "He was just perfect and so relaxed. Everyone has commented at how laid back Sonny is and what an easy baby he is."

But the couple's new found joy was short lived as five days after having her new baby Mel (37) suffered a massive heart attack.

Mel was recovering at home when the chest pains doctors believed were caused by anxiety became so unbearable her worried mum rang for an ambulance.

Tests showed that Mel was having the heart attack as she was rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital at 4am in the morning.

Mel, who has forged a successful career as a a comedienne, actress and writer, said:" The paramedics were wonderful and so reassuring.

"They explained exactly what was happening and how serious it was and when I asked them if I was going to die one of them said to me "not now we are here."

"They made me feel so calm and safe, they were fantastic."

The devastating setback was another crushing blow for Mel who has to take a raft of medication for her condition which affects her immune system.

There is no cure for the condition and any form of stress is potentially life threatening for Mel. She copes with the condition through self deprecating humour and has even woven it into her stand up act known as "Sick Girl."

Kris, who also an actor who has put his career on hold to take care of Mel and their boys, said: "It was horrible for Mel to be parted from Sonny like that and I was going from one hospital to the next to see them both."

At one point, Kris was struck down with food poisoning and was driving home from Blackpool with a sick bowl resting on his knees!

The heartbreak of being parted from her newborn son left Mel in tears constantly so staff at Blackpool Victoria arranged for Sonny to be brought from the neo natal intensive care unit in Burnley over to Blackpool.

Mel said: "To be able to hold Sonny and have that skin to skin contact certainly helped my recovery and as soon as he was in my arms I had the lowest blood pressure reading since I had arrived there."

Mum and baby spent several days in the hospital before they were discharged home together on the same day, something that Mel had never expected in her wildest dreams.

She added: "I had suffered a llife threatening heart attack and my baby was born eight weeks premature but we came home together.

"The staff at Blackpool could not do enough for me, they were wonderful.

"I have never really believed in anything before but I truly feel there was something or someone watching over me and helping me to get through this."

Mum and baby are now recovering at home and the family have been inundated with cards, gifts and good wishes from family and friends.

And staff at Burnley's Tesco store presented Kris with a hamper packed with gifts for the family after hearing their heart rending story.

The generous gesture was organised by worker Billie-Jean Horne who knew what the family were going through as she herself gave birth to her baby at 32 weeks.

Kris said: "We are so grateful and thankful to everyone who has been so supportive and kind.

"After all that has happened to us Mel has said there are other forces at work.

"Sonny has defied all the odds to be here with us. He is an absolute star and although we have a lot to deal with, we have settled into a nice little routine now and Sonny has become part of it as though he has always been here."