Marion writes her pet tales for a good cause

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Farmer’s wife Marion Sycamore was never happier than when she was looking after animals.

And now she has set down her talesin a book “Pet Stories” which she is selling at £10in aid of First Responders of Whalley, a volunteer first-aid organisation.

Marion (84), and her late husband Bill moved to their cottage in King Street, Whalley, when they retired from farming at Wheelton, Chorley, more than 25 years ago, and began ‘pet sitting’ for friends. Bill died in 1994, but Marion continued to look after other people’s animals.

“After we retired, we had our best times without all the pressures of running a farm, looking after cats and walking dogs,” said Marion.

Marion, who says she has a vivid imagination, wrote stories about characters such as Henrietta the hen, Bettina the Persian cat, Flash the whippet and Roy the chip shop poodle, sometimes in her own words and sometime in the animal’s imagined words.

“The stories are bedtime reading for children,” Marion said.

“I’m trying to teach young people how to care for animals without being too sentimental.”

Marion’s friends helped her edit her stories, andWhalley Lions, who support First Responders, put Marion in touch with Stuart Rutter, of Stu R design, Clitheroe, who designed the book and found a printer for her.

Marion has also written another another book “Ladies in Waiting” about four brood mares, also in aid of First Responders at £10, due out soon.

To buy the books, contact 11 King Streeet, Whalley or email