Luci to carry Olympic torch

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A PERFORMER at a major Ribble Valley Hallowe’en entertainment park will be swapping her creepy costume for jogging pants on Saturday (June 23rd) as she takes part in the UK’s Olympic Torch relay.

Luci Teal (29), a performer and show producer at the annual Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park, located in the Ribble Valley, will carry the Olympic Torch through the streets of Rochdale as part of the North West tour of the international sporting emblem.

But running through streets lined with cheering crowds is a task that will be quite different from Luci’s forthcoming fright role at Scare Kingdom where she will be scaring crowds through twisted, macabre mazes and indoor fright zones littered with cobwebs and ghouls.

Luci said: “Through my work at Scare Kingdom I’m used to being part of something that attracts big crowds and giving people an experience that they’ll hopefully enjoy and definitely remember.

“But trotting through the streets carrying the Olympic Torch and being waved on by cheering crowds will be something quite different from terrifying visitors to Scare Kingdom and it is a great honour to have been selected.”