‘Long Ago in Longridge’ CD is launched

- Bernard Hunt, Claire Hardacre, Johnny Hearne and Kev Ash.
- Bernard Hunt, Claire Hardacre, Johnny Hearne and Kev Ash.
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A former electrician with a gift and love of words and music has launched his first CD with a song about Longridge.

Local author and lyricist Johnny Hearne, who once worked for East Lancashire Coachbuilders in Blackburn, has realised a long-held ambition after his song ‘Long ago in Longridge’ and others about Lancashire, were received with great acclaim at the launch.

It was held at Longridge Heritage Centre when guests listened to the ‘Long ago’ piece and others by Johnny, and there was additional entertainment by his friends Clare Hardacre, Bernard Hunt and Kev Ash.

Music for the CD songs was also composed by Bernard Hunt who sings on them with Clare.

Her song ‘Yesterday’s Gone,’ was composed specially for her by her son Tom, who also added the musical accompaniment on the CD.

All were recorded in Future Sound Music’s studios in Berry Lane.

A spokesperson at the Heritage Centre which hosted the launch, said “The songs were very well received by all who attended and sales went well.

“Johnny has also written a series of stories set loosely on areas around Longridge.

“They are full of mystery and atmosphere with a twist in every tale and they can also be bought here at the Centre.

“We are very proud to support Johnny.”

Originally from Blackburn, Johnny moved to Whalley before eventually settling in Longridge in 2011.

Although his background is in industry, he has always had a gift and love of writing.

Since 2015 and inspired by classics of the sixties and seventies, he has been encouraged to write song lyrics, children’s and short stories.

With his writing inspired by drama and the classics, his fourth short story is now at the printers, his next larger work in the pipeline is inspired by his mother, also a writer and lyricist, and he is also producing a book of verse.

In the near future, Johnny hopes to write more on the lyric side and produce a stage show in Longridge, together with recording more local singers at Future Sound Music’s studio.