Lights! ‘Sam-era!’ Action!

Samuel Gadd
Samuel Gadd
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An interactive media and software student from Whalley has been putting his skills in the spotlight whilst working with a top TV studio.

As part of his IT Career Academy diploma, Blackburn College student Samuel Gadd (19), completed a six-week paid internship with ITV working across various business and finance departments and seeing how they all fit together to create a successful multi-platform TV station.

Inspired by his experience at the studios, the teenager is now putting plans in place for his own branding company starting with a degree in graphic communications at University Centre at Blackburn College.

Sam said: The placement with ITV was fantastic. I was able to work in IT roles across the various departments and had an insight into how everything works together. Having that experience into how a company works was great, I have a better understanding of the professionalism required in the industry now, it’s something I will definitely take with me into the future.

“The Career Academy has been a really positive experience for me. It’s given me exactly what I needed to grow in skills and as a person. My confidence is so much better now than when I started and I think I’m more mature.”