Lancashire’s winter floods estimated to have caused £5m in damage

Flood levels in St Michael's
Flood levels in St Michael's

This winter’s floods caused almost £250m in damage to roads, bridges, public rights of way and drainage systems, a survey has revealed.

It’s estimated Lancashire suffered around £5m of damage.

The snapshot analysis by the Local Government Association (LGA) warns councils have been hit with a huge bill following storms Desmond and Eva. The final tally could be even higher, as councils are still counting the cost.

The worst-hit council was Cumbria, which saw around £175m in damage.

The LGA said Government funding had been important in helping local authorities and communities recover, but warned councils will need more help as the full cost of damage emerges.

The organisation also called for new flood defence funding to be devolved to local areas.

Peter Box, chairman of the LGA’s environment, economy, housing and transport board, said: “It is clear more financial support will be needed. Other measures could also make a massive difference in helping councils. These include allowing them to keep landfill tax and devolving new flood defence funding to local areas.”