'Jewel in the crown of canal' under threat of new housing plans

Campaigners fighting to preserve a historic local heritage site from the threat of housing want other residents to join their cause.

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 10:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 10:30 am
Linda and Chris McCreadie (centre) with neighbours Sally and Nigel Harris at Greenberfield Locks

The tranquillity of the Grade II listed Greenberfield Locks in Barnoldswick has been threatened in recent months with the looming shadow of hundreds of new homes potentially being built overlooking the “jewel in the crown” of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Now, campaigners have called for the heritage site to be pulled from the Pendle Local Plan, to protect it for future generations.

Leader Times Newspapers revealed in January a small victory for residents after controversial plans to build more than 100 houses near to the site were thrown out by Pendle Borough Council’s Development Control Committee.

Councillors had unanimously rejected the proposal due to the impact on the canal heritage, on countryside and on highway grounds.

However, the fight goes on and campaigners are now urging residents in Barnoldswick to write to their local representatives on the council and make it clear that they will only vote for a party that has signed a pledge to change the Pendle Plan and save Greenberfield Locks from the threat of a new housing development.

Ian Lyons, the Conservative candidate has signed this pledge, and a commitment to change the plan in his manifesto.

Linda McCreadie, from the Hands Off Barlick group, said: “At the last public meeting on this issue, in Rolls Royce Leisure Centre, I argued that this development was not necessary.

“After all, Pendle Council’s target for new homes is double the recommended level by the Government. In response, we were all told that the plan could not be changed to reflect the lower numbers. This was a complete lie.

“For example, on February 9th Leeds City Council launched a public consultation on its plan to lower its housing target, and Pendle Council could do exactly the same thing, if only it had the political will to do it.”