Jane sings praise as ‘Little Voices’ win 100% result

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It’s not just the pupils who are jumping for joy after learning they’ve earned merits and distinctions in their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) results.

It’s also a huge source of pride for former professional opera singer Jane Maudsley, who set up her first Little Voices classes in Clitheroe in 2007 and now has 40 Little Voices centres all over the country. Her latest one opened last week in Newcastle.

Jane (37), from Blackburn, has 80 pupils aged from four to 18 old and five other tutors at her singing and drama classes held in St Mary’s Centre, Clitheroe.

“I started with just 12 pupils at Clitheroe, and we’ve grown over the years,” said Jane, who has a n eight-year-old daughter.

“I’m fortunate to have such fantastic tutors, supportive parents and enthusiastic pupils.

“The children took their LAMDA exams just before Christmas and we’ve just got the results. There are some very happy pupils from and incredibly proud parents in the town this week. This is ine years now of outstanding results, with 100% pass rate .”

Last year, Little Voices centres won a national award from Kallikids, an organisation thsat uses feedback from parents to assess and validate children’s activity providers.

The successful pupils from Little Voices Clitheroe centre were: Lily Gillespie, Rebecca Ingham,Ruby Islam,Isobel Sant, Elizabeth Sant,Ella Carrington, Gracie Dalton,Leah Oates-Readett, Gabrielle Sykes, Aimee Hibbert, Maisy Barber, Eve Jennings,K eighra Cook, Danielle Livesey, Madeleine Turner, Lucy Donovan, Molly Stephenson, Tegan Shaw, Katie Powl, Isabella Verity,Scarlett Verity, Niamh Bradley, Mia McLoughlin, Alice Turner.