How aliens have changed history of the Earth

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Most television programmes which confront a controversial issue tend to present both points of view and allow the viewer to make up their own mind as to which side of the fence they stand.

But not so the “Ancient Aliens” series which is shown on a satellite channel and which Mr Pendle watches regularly.

Every episode focuses on the supposed existence of extra-terrestrials on Earth and the influence they have had on the planet’s history.

But there is no one presenting the other side of the coin – the fact the vast majority of people think the ancient astronaut theorists, as they are known, are talking a load of nonsense.

Nonsense such as natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by aliens to “thin out” the population.

Or the Nazis were helped by aliens to build a portal to help Martin Bormann and others escape to another planet at the end of the Second World War.

Or that the Earth is hollow, does not have a core and is filled with mini-Earths to where aliens can come and go through a hole near to the North Pole.

Similar fantastic notions fill every programme.

One thing these ancient astronaut theorists cannot tell us, of course, is where these people are supposed to come from – and anyone who stops to think about this for a moment will surely reach the conclusion that they have an imagination which is truly out of this world.