‘Heraldry on the A59’ talk in Ribchester

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History group - At the meeting of Ribchester Historical Society, at The Ribchester Arms, guest speaker Derek Walkden spoke on “Heraldry on the A59”. He used the road-corridor as a thread on which to hang visits to houses and churches between Osbaldeston and East Marton to expound on the heraldic evidence they contained and demonstrate who had owned them.

At the end of an informative, but challenging, lecture, the large audience could distinguish between a crest and the main elements of a coat of arms. The talk was well-presented by a knowledgeable enthusiast.

Bell Ringers - The bell-ringers of St Wilfrid’s Church, Ribchester, enjoyed a successful dinner, at The Shireburn Arms, Hurst Green. More than 50 people sat down for an excellent meal. Tony Davies organised the social occasion which was a chance for the whole village to celebrate the bell ringers’ efforts, calling people to church and marking the rites of passage of marriages and funerals. Tower captain Clare Levick invited all to go along and learn more about campanology.

Lent - The rector will hold a short reflective service in St Wilfrid’s Church each Wednesday in Lent at 7-15 p.m., followed by coffee and discussion at the rectory. Everyone is invited to make the most of Lent in this way.

Thanks - Two weeks ago, Christopher Ratcliff appealed for the loan of a pair of fisherman’s waders, so he could get across to the shingle island opposite the school to clear up rubbish the winter floods had brought downstream. Maureen, one of his riends in the village, responded by offering to lend a pair that belonged to Derek, her late husband. Mr Ratcliff will now have to wait until the river is low enough to wade across.