Solicitor Sara-Jane helps pensioner reclaim £60,000 care fees

Sara-Jane Chorkley
Sara-Jane Chorkley

An East Lancashire solicitor is helping elderly residents who have wrongfully been forced to pay for care to reclaim their money.

Sara-Jane Chorkley, from Farleys Solicitors, has already helped several pensioners to claim back the cost of care that they should have been entitled to on the NHS. She is increasingly being approached with similar cases.

In one case, Sara-Jane was able to recover £60,000 for a woman who had been led to believe she had to sell her home to pay for her husband’s care fees. The pensioner had been living in difficulty and walking to go and see her husband every day to save the cost of the bus fare.

A recent report claimed there could be up to 100,000 elderly people UK-wide who are eligible to claim back fees they have wrongly paid for nursing home care.

Upon being admitted to a nursing home, it is claimed that many people have been wrongly assessed in terms of their medical needs, or indeed not assessed at all – meaning they have been left to pay for their fees when in fact their place should have been funded by the NHS.

Farleys, who have offices in Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and Manchester, receive several phone calls every week from distressed relatives who are convinced they need to sell their home to fund care fees.

Sara-Jane commented: “Some of the people we are contacted by have been left in terribly sad situations because they’ve been frightened into thinking they cannot afford to continue living in their home.

“Sometimes we are able to stop the situation before it progresses any further – either by way of writing to the local authority or taking measures to ‘ringfence’ the property from the assessment process.

“Where people have taken the drastic measure of proceeding to sell their property, we will take full information about the circumstances and progress a claim where there are the grounds to do so.”

The Government has set a deadline for lodging claims relating to wrongly paid care fees of September 30th this year.

Sara-Jane added: “It is scandalous that people have felt forced to sell their homes, which they have spent their lives working to buy, to pay for nursing care. If you or a relative of yours has been put in this situation, you are entitled to do something about it.”

To speak to a solicitor at Farleys about the possibility of making a claim, call 01254 606600.