More parking spaces at Clitheroe hospital?

Clitheroe Hospital.
Clitheroe Hospital.
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Clitheroe Community Hospital is seeking planning permission for an additional 13 operational car parking spaces at its Chatburn Road site.

Detailed in the planning proposal as being in “discreet areas around the site”, one proposed new parking area is at the rear of the building and the other is to the front.

The application also includes a request for a driving lane for the exclusive use of ambulances and another for the general use of cars and delivery vehicles.

The new hospital building, which was officially opened in June 2014, was originally designed by the Primary Care Trust as a replacement for the old Clitheroe Community Hospital.

Since the opening, the site operator has received several complaints about the lack of car parking spaces that affect both the hospital and also the surrounding highways network. They say more car parking spaces will make the facility generally much more efficient.

The application also states that changes to services were made during the design and construction phases of the new buildings, which resulted in additional services being delivered from the hospital, but no more provision was made for car parking to accommodate these developments and the traffic which the extra services would inevitable generate.

Clauses in the planning application discuss the need for on-site parking to prevent parking on the highway network surrounding the buildings.

There has been close consultation with the facility management team and some of the current user groups of the facility and, resulting in a Ribble Valley Borough Council planning officer visiting the site.