Medical watchdogs want to see improvements at Calderstones

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Health officials at Calderstones Hospital have agreed to improve the secure and specialist care they provide to adults with learning disabilities after an inspection by a medical watchdog.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited the hospital in July last year and although they found staff delivering care in a kind and compassionate manner, they felt the Trust failed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on wards, problems with levels of staffing on some wards were noted, as well as poor medicines management.

In adddition, the frequency with which patients were restrained and a failure to adequately monitor the use of the Mental Health Act were also identified.

Since then, Monitor, the health sector regulator, has taken action to ensure the Whalley-based Trust puts right the problems identified. The trust will deliver an action plan to address the concerns raised by the CQC, which included use of restrictive practices, cleanliness and medicines management. The Trust remains in breach of its licence, however, it has made the required progress relating to earlier concerns about safeguarding patients, and Monitor has formally recognised this improvement by issuing a compliance certificate. The regulator will continue to scrutinise the trust’s performance and may take further action if necessary.