Martin’s six stone weight loss is an inspiration

Sponsored slim
Sponsored slim
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INSPIRED by a colleague’s spectacular loss of weight, local children’s charity workers have teamed up with a neighbouring health business in a sponsored slim.

Martin Hartley-Smith, managing director of Child Action North West’s Community Interest Company “CANWE Solutions”, has lost a phenomenal six stones six pounds with an overall body mass reduction of 29.4% since March 2011. His waistline has gone from 51 to 34 inches.  

Impressed by Martin’s achievements, colleagues at the Wilpshire-based charity, Child Action North West, invited Gail Andrews of Health Business Ltd in Whalley to advise as they embark on slimming challenges of their own.

An intrepid group of CANW staff and volunteers have decided to lose pounds in weight themselves – and raise pounds in sponsorship as an incentive.

Fund-raising Manager for CANW, Harriet Roberts, said: “Martin’s been a true inspiration. He’s achieved this success through determination, regular gym visits, dieting and generous carbohydrate-reduction. We now refer to him as ‘Slim Jim.

“After the excesses and binging of Christmas, a few of us decided to try slimming ourselves, contributing to the fund-raising at the same time. It’s great to have Gail, who is also a CANW volunteer, to help as we hopefully shed the pounds. She’s been drafted in – with her trusty scales – to independently adjudicate proceedings, conduct weigh-ins and offer dietary advice.”

Each participant aims to raise a pound in sponsorship for each pound they lose throughout the challenge period. The weight-loss challenge will continue in the run up to the charity’s major fundraiser “Pound Day”, a Victorian themed event at the old orphanage building which takes place on June 24th, 2012.   

For more information on the CANW Super Slim, contact Harriet Roberts at Child Action North West on 01254 244700 or e-mail