Langho woman’s amazing weight loss leads to new career

Kath Gordon, who has become a Slimming World consultant after losing weight with the company.
Kath Gordon, who has become a Slimming World consultant after losing weight with the company.

A former sandwich shop owner from Langho has spent the summer shaping herself a new body and is about to shape herself a brand new career helping other overweight people to lose their excess weight.

Kath Gordon (51) is selling her Blackburn business and relaunching one of the local area’s Slimming World groups after losing three stones in only 20 weeks.

“I was at such a low ebb in May this year,” said Kath. “I was overweight, miserable, and having to stand in the shop all day was taking its toll on my health! I was so weary when I got home, I was just flopping onto the sofa.

“I remember thinking to myself ‘this is ridiculous – I’m burning myself out!’.”

Having tried to lose weight on her own, Kath plucked up the courage to attend the Slimming World group in Billington.

“I was so nervous on my first night, but Janet, the Consultant welcomed me warmly and put me at ease straight away. Within a couple of weeks I felt like I’d been there for ever.”

Janet introduced Kath to Slimming World’s unique Food Optimising plan. “I was astonished by just how much food I could eat and still lose weight!” laughed Kath.

As the weeks passed by, the weight was dropping off and Kath began to incorporate more activity into her life, enjoying a new found vitality and reaping the health benefits.

“You don’t need to go to expensive gyms to get active,” said Kath. “I’ve used a mini trampoline and a fitness hula hoop at home to get into shape – it is such good fun.”

Kath began her new career this Monday when she relaunched the Slimming World group at Clitheroe Cricket Club Group, in Chatburn Road.

It meets each Monday at 7-30 pm and to find out more just go along, phone 07879 717080 or visit

As she embarks on a new chapter in her life, Kath reflected:. “I feel fitter, healthier, happier and more confident. Losing weight has made such a difference to my life that I now want to help other people to achieve the same success.

“I guarantee Slimming World is not what you think – come along and find out because you’ve got nothing to lose but your weight.”