Healthy recipes delivered direct to the table

An example of the new recipe boxes now on offer from Riverford for delivery in East Lancashire. (s)
An example of the new recipe boxes now on offer from Riverford for delivery in East Lancashire. (s)
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British farming entrepreneur Guy Watson is hoping his latest idea to encourage home-cooking and “Enjoy good food without the faff” will prove a hit with busy families in the Ribble Valley.

Riverford Organic, best known for their home-delivered organic vegetable boxes (of which 48,000 are delivered across the country every week) are now aiming to reach more family dinner tables with their new seasonal and organic recipe boxes.

The company, which was started in Devon in 1987, prides itself on its local ethos, with a commitment from the outset to local growing and employment, supporting local farmers and keeping a close link between grower and consumer. The company now has four sister farms across the UK, which supply their individual regions on a geographical basis.

Charlie Bush who delivers Riverford vegetable boxes to families in East Lancashire said: “So many people aspire to cook from scratch but don’t quite manage it. We know our produce wins on flavour, but that’s no good if people can’t find the time to prepare it. The idea of our new recipe boxes is that you can still cook from scratch and eat well, without having to spend time planning, shopping or even measuring the ingredients.”

The recipe boxes have proven especially popular with time-strapped professionals, parents of young children and those who are less confident in the kitchen.

Charlie continued: “We’ve learned that as a business we must constantly evolve to stay relevant to increasingly busy lives. Our vegetable boxes don’t suit everyone, so we are delighted with the reaction to the recipe boxes so far, and hope they will help many more people discover the pleasure that comes from cooking, eating and sharing really good food.”

The idea of the recipe boxes is that they are Riverford recipes, which can be easily cooked at home. The recipes are seasonal, organic and come from some of the best cooks that Riverford has worked with over the last 25 years and there’s a choice of vegetarian, quick (designed to be on the table in around 30 minutes) or original recipe options for customers to choose from. Each box contains all the ingredients to make three organic home-cooked meals in the exact quantities needed and with easy to follow instructions. For more information, visit: