Fitness activities and sports coaching for youngsters in Clitheroe

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BAD eating habits? No physical activity? Lack of motivation?

You might recognise these traits in your own life... but how much worse if you can see them in your kids!

Developing a love of sport or other physical activity early in life can set you up for a healthy future, and Clitheroe’s Roefield Leisure Centre is here to help.

With a variety of activities and sports coaching for children as young as five, Roefield has something for everyone. In fact, anyone looking for a New Year resolution can motivate the whole family and sign up to sports coaching, street dance or the attitude gym.

With sports coaching for children from age five to 16, Roefield’s courses are packed with sporting activities to motivate the younger generation. Basketball, badminton, netball, dance, football and the brand new “Fit Kidz” course designed especially to educate children about fitness, nutrition and keeping fit, are just some of the options on offer.

For more details about the many ways to get youngsters away from their comnputerised virtual gaming and actively involved in the real thing, call in at the leisure centre in Edisford Road, phone 01200 442188 or visit: