Dave is Clitheroe slimming champion after losing 5 stone

Dave Alexander after losing weight
Dave Alexander after losing weight
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MEET Dave Alexander – he is the new consultant for the Slimming World group which meets at Clitheroe Cricket Club.

Dave (53), who himself has lost more thap five stone in weight, had found his weight and size for the past 24 years fluctuate after he stopped playing rugby and retired from the police force.

Dave Alexander before losing weight

Dave Alexander before losing weight

He was not paying much attention to what he was eating and missing out on regular exercise from playing rugby. He then broke his heel and this resulted in more and more weight piling on and he felt truly miserable and embarrassed, as this was the heaviest he had ever been. 

On top of that Dave’s health was suffering. He was constantly perspiring, found himself out of breath just doing simple tasks like getting dressed and even struggled to cut his own toe nails let alone tie his own shoe laces.  

The turning point came when Dave was on holiday in Australia. He said: “I realised that I could not fit into the chair with arms on and had to ask for one without – I was totally embarrassed.

“My partner, Collette, and I decided that only we could change how we were and so we decided to join Slimming World after hearing how much a friend of mine had lost at a group in Yorkshire. 

“It was very daunting to start with – having to walk into a room full of women and wondering if I would be the only man.

“But I needn’t have worried. Caroline, my consultant, gave me such a lovely warm welcome and I felt at home immediately.

“I could not believe the help and encouragement I got from the consultant and the group – it was amazing.”

Dave, who lives in Burnley, added: “I discovered that I could still eat and go out for a drink – and have my curries, too.

“I just couldn’t believe how much I can eat and still lose weight, unlimited free foods such as chicken, steak and chips and my particular favourites are tandoori mixed grills and a full English breakfast!”

The whole experience was so positive for Dave that in September 2010 he became a consultant himself.

He is taking over as the consultant at Clitheroe Cricket Club, Chatburn Road. The group meets on Mondays at 5-30 p.m. and again at 7-30 p.m.