Headteacher's appeal to CCTV vandals

These images were captured by CCTV on the school premises.
These images were captured by CCTV on the school premises.
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The headteacher of a Clitheroe school targeted by vandals who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage is appealing for the culprits to come forward and be part of a "restorative approach" to put right their wrongs.

Staff and pupils at St James' Primary School were left shocked after a group of vandals broke into the Greenacre Street school, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as they left discarded garbage, cigarettes, and drugs packets strewn on the playground.

The culprits also broke into a shed that had been paid for by children who sold toast every morning to raise the funds, leading to Headteacher Fiona Pattison to appeal to the vandals' sense of guilt.

"I could have a battle with these young gentlemen, but what I want to do is to get them to come in, talk to them, and let them see the school and the children it's affecting," said Mrs Pattison. "We've tidied up, but you can still see some of the damage they've done to the gazebo, so I want them to paint it in a more restorative approach.

"I want to say: 'It's alright you thinking you're just having a mess about and breaking the shed and leaving your rubbish and your cannabis packets around, but actually it's more than that, and you need to put it right.'"

"We've got to take the police's lead on this, but we are a church school and this is our community and it's about being constructive and moving forward," Mrs Pattison added. "I believe people should be given a chance, and that people make mistakes and choose to do the wrong thing and that it's important we realise that.

"We've got to try - we're all part of this community."