Have your say on new homes plans in Ribble Valley

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A six-week public consultation over Ribble Valley’s Core Strategy has started.

The strategy sets out development in the borough until 2028, including how many new houses the area needs and where they might be built.

It was previously submitted to the Government for examination last September, but the Government asked for some of the strategy’s evidence to be updated. The revised evidence is now available for public comment.

In April, Ribble Valley Borough Council’s planning and development committee decided on its “preferred option” of 4,000 new houses for the borough from 2008 to 2028. But the strategy has now been amended to reflect a requirement of 5,000 new houses, some of which have already been or are already being built, to address the demands of demographic change, affordable housing and economic growth.

The proposed changes are available for consultation and comment until Friday, September 20th. Documents available for consultation relate to leisure, retail, employment, housing requirements and accommodation for the travelling community, as well as the strategy’s statement of community involvement.

Ribble Valley Borough Council’s head of regeneration and housing, Colin Hirst, said: “Residents may have already made comments at previous stages of the Core Strategy process and these comments have informed the development of the strategy so far.

“Any new comments on the updated evidence or proposed changes will also be submitted to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate, which will use them to assess whether the strategy has been prepared in accordance with the ‘duty to co-operate,’ legal and procedural requirements, and whether it is sound.”

More details of the strategy and how residents can have their say are available from www.ribblevalley.gov.uk or the council’s forward planning team on 01200 425111.