Have your say about Clitheroe Market

Steve Rush is asking people to complete the surveys by Sunday
Steve Rush is asking people to complete the surveys by Sunday
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Clitheroe Residents Action Group are inviting local residents to air their views about Clitheroe Market.

The group’s chairman, Steve Rush, said: “After the success of our previous survey, and a couple of other public driven initiatives, CRAG has decided to ask local people for their views on Clitheroe Market.

“It should be local taxpayers who decide the market’s future not people from out of town.

“The last time councillors from outside of Clitheroe made a decision about the town, we ended up having to build 2,600 new houses. Whatever changes are made to our historic market will have a long term effect on Clitheroe and it’s residents, so this decision will be extremely important.”

The survey contains seven short questions and can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Clitheroe-Residents-Action-Group-481582985218599/. It is under the heading Clitheroe Market Survey.

Steve added: “The target is to achieve over 500 completed surveys by Sunday (July 8th). If this total is achieved, we will present the findings to RVBC before the main meeting, which discusses the proposed plans."