Have Faith: Let's not worry too much about the future

Norman Lowe talks about the strength of brotherhood in this week's Have Faith column. (s)
Norman Lowe talks about the strength of brotherhood in this week's Have Faith column. (s)
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With all the wars, disasters and famines, God’s world continues to be in a mess. No wonder many people are worried about what the future holds.

And yet Christians shouldn’t worry. Jesus told us that God will decide, and we are promised salvation and eternal life. We should encourage each other to live the sort of life that Jesus teaches, including fellowship with one another.

Many people say you can live a good Christian life without going to church. And yet it must help to be a member of a Christian group of some sort.

There’s a lovely story which illustrates this quite well. There was once a wise old Christian and a foolish young Christian. And the young man was going through a bad patch. He was depressed at the state of the world, and although he had been full of enthusiasm, he’d gradually withdrawn from all his church activities.

So the wise old Christian went to visit him and they sat in front of the glowing fire. They talked a bit, and the young man said how unhappy he was and asked the old man’s advice. And the wise old Christian didn’t say anything. He got the tongues, picked a piece of red hot coal out of the fire and put it on the hearth. And of course after a few minutes it lost all its glow. The old man didn’t say anything. He just picked up the coal and put it back in the fire, and within in a few minutes it started to glow again. And the young man knew what the other was telling him – trying to be a Christian without the rest of the team is like a coal that’s been taken out of the fire.

So let’s not worry too much about the future. Concentrate on the present – loving our neighbours, and helping each other to glow with the strength of our faith. That will help God’s Kingdom come on Earth.