Hair raising journey along Ribble Valley’s roads

Winter driving warning
Winter driving warning

Thank goodness it is now getting lighter in the evenings.

Not only does it seem to make everyone more cheerful, but it will also hopefully put an end to my hair raising drive on some of the Valley’s roads.

I regularly drive to Stonyhurst you see, usually taking the route past Edisford towards Mitton then on to Hurst Green. Readers would naturally assume this would be a pleasant run out in the country, but don’t be fooled. It’s often what I imagine negotiating an advanced driving test obstacle course would be like!

Edisford Road onwards is a very well used stretch of road. There are those who use the football pitches, the indoor courts, plus Ribblesdale Pool, Roefield Leisure Centre or take a trip to Edisford’s river side amenities. From Edisford Road’s busy Spar shop to the popular Edisford Bridge pub, it can sometimes be a chaotic mix of sport fans, day trippers and parents ferrying their children to club activities and classes.

And don’t get me wrong that’s great! I’d rather we have an active community than the alternative. However, when we add into the mix the cycling races that are also staged on that stretch of road and the double parking from St Paul’s Church towards the pedestrian crossing, it can some times become quite stressful.

Add groups of walkers and the dark winter nights into the equation and this stretch of road can become even more problematic.

Around a fortnight ago I remember negotiating a bend on my way to Stonyhurst prior to the Mitton and Whalley turn offs. It was around 5-30 pm and dark. I saw a faint small light which at first I thought was coming from a farmer working in the field I was approaching, but as I got to the bend, I realised it was a group of around 10 walkers with just one wearing a head torch! They were all dressed in dark coloured clothing with not one piece of high-vis attire in sight.

Luckily for them, I didn’t get my nickname, “Driving Miss Daisy” for nothing, but if I had been one of the many erratic speeding drivers I regularly come across on those country roads, it would have been a very different story.

I also frequently see cyclists wearing no helmet and with no lights on their bikes.

Now, I‘m not saying, our roads cannot be enjoyed by anyone but those driving a car. I’m just pointing out how accidents could easily happen when all these factors are put into the mix.

Don’t we think there’s enough road kill on that stretch of road already!